What is a Caper?

via Daily Prompt: Caper

As of right now, I have no idea what a caper is. Is it food? Is it someone who wears a cape? I’m sure plenty of those reading this know what it is, and they might be chuckling.

Through words, I will take you with me on the journey of finding this out. Before we set off, I myself will make a prediction as to what I think it might be… If I look up ‘what is a caper’ on Google.com, then I shall discover that it is a food item. Small. Maybe big. I have no idea.

Okay, my prediction has been made, and now the journey begins! First, my good sirs, madams, and gender fluids, I will click ‘Ctrl+T'(Windows) to open a new tab. I find myself on my customized new tab page.

Nothing new or unexpected so far, but our path is dangerous, as what lies ahead is unknown to me. I remember being told the lore of this so-called “caper” as a younger boy, but the words themselves escape my memory. We might be trudging into the lair of a monster, maybe the distant relative of Alduin, and fables may tell of Caper, a smaller, more friendly dragon in Tamriel.


Let’s move on. To Google! Here goes nothing!

Okay. Multiple results…

1. Caper v. skip or dance about in a lively way.
2. Caper n. the cooked and pickled flower buds of a bramblelike southern European shrub, used to flavor food.

I can’t say I was too far off by predicting food. The answers I found did not lead me to caper around my room, though.

Thank you for following me on this journey, and as always:
Let us learn, love, and live, together.


Caper | The Daily Post

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