Hello, World!

Greetings newcomers, long time friends, and everything in between! I’d like to introduce you to my blog. My name is John, and this fine looking blog is dedicated to my sharing and exploring my own philosophies – hence, John’s Philosophy. The focus is on all aspects of life, though, and really looking at the world in different, creative ways. I’ll give my opinions and thoughts on things, while striving to teach and provide information about the topics I find interesting and what I learn in my free time. A big part of my posts will be of what I take from each experience I have, whether it be conversations with others or discoveries in solitude.

I’m very empathetic and love seeing the world through the eyes of others. I encourage my followers to engage me. Let’s talk. Feel free to email me about what you might want to see in posts, topics to write about, or suggestions for improvements. Be open to new ideas and beliefs and please respect each other. This is a place of love and understanding, and we must embrace our differences.

I look forward to posting for you all and growing as a blogger.

Let us learn, live, and love, together!

Your new friend,

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash


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